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The Travelers and The Grapes

By 30 de December de 2020May 31st, 2021No Comments

Four men — a Persian, a Turk, an Arab, and a Greek — were standing in a village street.

They were traveling companions, making for some distant place; but at this moment they were arguing over the spending of a single piece of money, which was all that they had among them.

“I want to buy angur,” said the Persian.

“I want uzum,” said the Turk.

“I want inab,” said the Arab.

“No!” said the Greek, “we should buy stafil.

Another traveler passing, a linguist, said, “Give the coin to me. I undertake to satisfy the desires of all of you.”

At first they would not trust him. Ultimately they let him have the coin. He went to the shop of a fruit seller and bought four small bunches of grapes

“This is my angur,” said the Persian.

“But this is what I call uzum,” said the Turk.

“You have brought me inab,” said the Arab.

“No!” said the Greek, “this in my language is stafil.”

The grapes were shared out among them, and each realized that the disharmony had been due to his faulty understanding of the language of the others.

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